Hi there! My name is Rasheedah, but because you are on my page I assume you are a friend so pls feel free to call me sheedah and Welcome to my head!!!

So this is supposed to be an introduction and I suck at it cos 1, there's really nothing Interesting about me and two, I'm really horrible at expressing myself but I will try my best to help you get to know me better.

To make this a little easy for me to write and easy for you to read, I'm going to bullet these few things about me so here goes;

sheedah enjoying her life

  •  I'm the second of 5girls from my mother, quiet but also a bully. I only bully my sisters tho
  • If you met me on social media you probably think "oh she's so confident and social" but trust me, issalie. I'm shy, gentle, quiet and all those words that describe anti-social people.
  • I'm 28yrs young
  • I'm a chemistry graduate and unlike most chemistry students, I still remember how to titrate but that's about all I remember from my 8yrs of chemistry classes
  • I'm a crime junkie but I'd die before I watch a horror movie.
  • I love romantic gestures but hate PDA
  • Noodles 😍
  • I love thrifting/ shopping in general. Even grocery shopping excites me
  • I'm a cry baby. My nickname growing up was "sunkunyinmi. I honestly wish I could translate that to English but heeee, its impossible.
  • And finally just as a bonus, I hope to one day travel the world with the LOML and just enjoy the life of my head. 
  • Sheedah

There's honestly more things you can learn about me but these are all my head could vomit out at this time. But as we get to share things with one another in this beautiful space, I hope to be able to reveal more about myself. 

Thanks for coming to the little corner of my head, hope to see you next time. Until then, stay FABULOUS!!!


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