Hello everyone,

Welcome back to another blog post. Its a beautiful saturday evening here in the city of st louis. How are you guys doing?

In this post, i will be sharing four tips that has helped me in the past couple of months in getting rid of forgetfulness. But before we dabble into that, let me tell you a short story....

While i was growing up i use to get this compliment (yes i choose to call it a compliment because its not a lie and its in the past) that i am lazy. Sometimes they would say that if my bum was detachable, i would probably forget it somewhere, yes it was that bad, lol.
A lot of times i get compared to my mom because she's also very forgetful but one thing that i noticed was, she never forgets to do things. Yes she forgets her phone everywhere but she never forget to do the things that she needs to do. One of the tips that i'm going to be sharing with you guys in this post is what she use to do back then.

1. Discipline

    I know this may sound cliche, but its the very first thing you need to take care of if you ever want to get rid of forgetfulness.

2. Avoid Procrastination

    Like they say, "procrastination is a killer of time" but let me tell you now that it doesn't only kill your time, it ruins plans as well. I stopped pushing things till later time and get them done at the right time instead.

3. Note Pads

  This method is what my mom uses and it helps her stay ahead of her game and i can say that since i started doing the same thing, my life has never remained the same.  I got some note pads for myself and i make sure that i write down anything and everything down as soon as they cross my mind. And also, i make a list of the things that needs to be done all through the day.

4. Sticky Notes

    I started writing on sticky notes and placing them in strategic places. Places where it would be hard for me to miss them. Like on the door, bathroom, kitchen, e.t.c.
   I have only used these tips for a few month now and i must say that i have seen a great change in how i do things and in my life generally

Thanks so much guys for stopping by. I would like to read from you guys as well so please share the tips that has helped you. You can also catch up this same topic on my youtube channel here. Stay blessed and don't forget to be awesome.



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